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We supply your building with cheaper
solar electricity

If you’re a commercial, industrial or public customer and would like to go solar, let’s talk.
Our contracting solutions are designed to make you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
We will own and operate the solar system and sell you the energy at cheaper rates than grid rates.
As simple as that.

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Go solar and save
energy cost

A Younergy contracting solution is financially interesting because electricity produced in your roof is cheaper than grid electricity. Contact us and we will estimate your savings.

Become a sustainable

Consuming renewable electricity from a solar system on your company’s roof is a visible and powerful statement for a sustainable future. Let your customers know that you care about the environment.

Monitor and control your
energy use

We’re here to help reduce your business electricity consumption This is why we integrate the Younergy consumption monitoring solution in all our solar projects to help you visualize and control your energy spending.

Solar energy made simple

When you become a Younergy customer we, design, install and maintain a complete solar system on the roof of your company’s building at no cost. You only pay for the clean, solar electricity the system produces and will receive a normal quarterly electricity bill.

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Energy customers: how it works?

We built Younergy to make the energy transition as easy as possible for you.


Contact us and submit your details

Once we receive your details we will put you in contact with one of our local partners that will propose you a competitive solar electricity rate and calculate your savings potential. Our contracting solutions are flexible to accomodate your needs.

Younergy PPAs


Signature and installation

From the moment the contract is signed we take care of all the necessary steps to install your project including permitting, supply, installation and financing As we prepare the detailed engineering of your project, a credit check will be carried out before we can install.

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Billing and energy monitoring

Once everything is cleared out we will install the solar system Usually the installion process takes a couple a few weeks. You will then be billed for the solar electricity production. We are of course responsible or maintaining and operating the system througout the lenght of the contract

Documentation requirements

Case study

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Join the solar movement

If your building in located in one of our target geographies, let’s start a conversation. If we are not active in your region, send us a message: We are expanding quickly and your country can be next.

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